Policy on social accountability

From "Bright Engineering" Ltd voluntarily undertaken to implement this management system of social accountability as part of our business. In relation to this, we are committed:


  • To lead our business in labor law, health and safety requirements and the environment according to applicable legal national and international documents and standards;
  • Not to use and not to support the use of children, forced or compulsory labor;

  • To ensure equal opportunities and freedom of association by encouraging the development of each person;
  • To prohibit any form of discrimination at the workplace (due to age, race, gender, nationality, religion and belief);
  • To act against the use of corporal punishment, physical or mental coercion, verbal harassment, etc.;
  • To observe and to follow the applicable regulatory requirements and industry standards for working hours. To aspire to a decent wage, satisfying basic needs of the personnel;
  • To provide healthy and safe working conditions for all employed in the company by improving the working environment, buying modern production equipment and continuous striving to prevent injuries and subsequent disease;
  • To review the policy of social accountability periodically in order to improve it in accordance with the changes of requirements and good practice of social management;
  • To provide conditions for the effective implementation, maintenance and communication of this policy;
  • To make this policy available to the engaged staff for its implementation;
  • To allow this policy to be publicly accessible and effective in form and manner to the concerned parties.