Полева Екипировка

GE is a technology leader that is committed to delivering, through constant innovation, high-technology, high-accuracy solutions to difficult challanges.


GE Measurement & Control is a global business that provides sensing elements, devices, instruments, and systems that enable our customers to monitor, protect, control, and validate their critical processes and applications. It is a core technology instruments business, focused on high growth industries.


With operations around the world, GE develops technologies and solutions using thermal validation, dew point measurement, ultrasonic and gas flow measurement, control circuit protection, liquid level detection, process control instrumentation, and microstructure design for products and services in applications such as environmental, marine, meteorology, aerospace, defense, medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, automotive, industrial, commercial, petrochemical, power generation, and transportation.


Flow Meters, Mass Flow Measurement

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Gas Analysis

Gas Analysis още

Moisture & Humidity

Moisture & Humidity още

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