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R. STAHL - a leading supplier of products, systems and services for explosion protection.


Wherever there are explosive gas-air mixtures or dusts, the R.STAHL products prevent explosions. With the highest degree of reliability and quality we ensure the safety of persons, the environment and technology. As a traditional company with more than 80 years' experience in explosion protection, R. STAHL covers all ignition protection classes for the explosion protection of electrical equipment or systems.


Installation equipment

Installation equipment see more

Operating and Monitoring Systems

Operating and Monitoring Systems Explosion-protected human-machine interfaces (HMIs) for operator control and monitoring of complex production processes in a variety of different industries – this is the world of R. STAHL HMI Systems. see more

Safety Barriers

Safety Barriers see more

Remote I/O IS1+

Remote I/O IS1+ see more

Control Equipment

Control Equipment see more

Fieldbus Technology

Fieldbus Technology see more

Signalling Devices

Signalling Devices see more

Components for Heating Systems

Components for Heating Systems see more

Camera- and Surveillance Systems

Camera- and Surveillance Systems see more

Wireless Technology for Process Automation

Wireless Technology for Process Automation see more

Load Disconnect Switches and Motor Starters

Load Disconnect Switches and Motor Starters see more

Installation Equipment and Accessories

Installation Equipment and Accessories see more

Components for System Solutions

Components for System Solutions see more

Applications Low Voltage Systems

Applications Low Voltage Systems see more

Marine Solutions

Marine Solutions see more

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