Continuous Online Monitoring

BH’s Bently Nevada machinery protection and monitoring systems span more than a dozen different models deployed during the last 60 years. Combined, they comprise the largest installed base of permanently installed transducers and monitoring channels in the world. It’s a position of trust that has been earned over more than four decades of learning, refining, and improving our solutions to meet industry’s most demanding applications.

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Bently Nevada 2300 Vibration Monitor

The 2300 Vibration Monitor provides cost-effective vibration monitoring and protection capabilities for non-critical machinery.

3500 Series Monitoring System

Tested and Trusted by Thousands of Customers Worldwide The Bently Nevada 3500 Monitoring System provides continuous, on-line monitoring suitable for machinery protection and asset condition monitoring applications.

ADAPT Product Family

ADAPT Product Family - Featuring the Bently Nevada 3701 advanced distributed architecture platform technology products and the ADAPT Wind products.

1900 Series Machinery Protection Systems

A Perfect Blending of Compact Size and Multi-function Ability These self-contained monitors are designed to address essential and balance-of-plant (BOP)

1701 FieldMonitorTM Series

Protection and Control The FieldMonitor™ Series puts our most popular machinery protection measurements into a field-mounted, distributed I/O architecture compatible with numerous types of distributed process automation and control systems.

3500 ENCORE Series Condition Monitoring System

The 3500 ENCORE is the most cost effective, non-intrusive means of upgrading your existing 3300 condition monitoring system to the state-of-art condition monitoring technology.