Wireless / Surveillance Scanning

BH’s Bently Nevada machinery protection and monitoring systems span more than a dozen different models deployed during the last 60 years. Combined, they comprise the largest installed base of permanently installed transducers and monitoring channels in the world.

It’s a position of trust that has been earned over more than four decades of learning, refining, and improving our solutions to meet industry’s most demanding applications. Applications that require the highest integrity. Applications where false trips or missed trips simply cannot be tolerated.

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BH's Bently Nevada Ranger*Pro is a wireless vibration sensor package used by plant managers and operators in the oil & gas, power generation and industrial markets

Essential Insight.mesh Wireless Condition Monitoring

Essential Insight.mesh is designed to address plant wide assets by augmenting your conventional hardwired permanent monitoring and hand-held portable monitoring strategies, allowing reliable and affordable condition monitoring where conventional technology has reached its limits.

Trendmaster Pro Online Condition Monitoring System

Trendmaster® Pro is its innovative architecture, which links hundreds of permanently mounted transducers and measurement points onto a single-cable sensor network, and brings the data into  System 1® software.

AnomAlert - Anomaly Detection System

AnomAlert Motor Anomaly Detector is a system of software and networked hardware that continuously identifies faults on electric motors and their driven equipment.