Solar photovoltaic systems

Solar (photovoltaic) systems tailored to the needs of each customer

Renewable energy sources are popular nowadays and photovoltaic systems are at the forefront as alternative energy sources. Solar panels are a sustainable and cost-effective way to generate electricity using solar radiation.

We can offer a solution for the needs and desires of each customer, offering a wide range of manufacturers established on the Bulgarian and European market in the solar industry photovoltaic systems Longi Solar, Jinko Solar, Ulica Solar, Dah Solar and respectively the leading manufacturers of grid and hybrid inverters.

The most mainstream photovoltaic systems contain multiple photovoltaic panels and an inverter.

They are divided into three subtypes:

  • Standalone systems (provide power to remote sites, places with frequent power outages) with batteries
  • Systems connected to the national AC grid
  • Combination of the two systems above (hybrid systems)

Solar Inverter for PV System

Solar Inverter for PV System see more

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