AURORA TRACE – Precise and quick moisture meter for natural gas, which is setting new records in terms of accuracy.

The new moisture meter for traces of humidity AURORA TRACE is using a high definition laser absorption spectroscopy (HDLAS) method for the measurement of the levels of humidity in the natural gas. The precision of the real-time measurements of AURORA TRACE allows up to 30 times more accurate measurements than the pre-existing laser-based analyzers. Via AURORA TRACE are reached new levels of accuracy and reliability for the critical measurements of the levels of moisture in the natural gas, demanded by the liquefying stations. The moisture meter can also be used for many other applications, where the presence of even the slightest traces of humidity or water could prove critical for the process. AURORA TRACE is certified for use in potentially dangerous environment. The analyst is working without need of maintenance and service for a period of four (4 !!!) years and doesn’t require a field calibration with a reference gas (or a zero gas). In addition to the capabilities to measure the concentration of moisture, dew and frost points, pressure and temperature, AURORA TRACE also monitors the entire process measurements in order to maintain the integrity / accuracy of measurements and the prevention of them being compromised. AURORA TRACE is fully programmable in the “field” through a magnetic stylus, eliminating the need of a special duty to perform this type of activity. The remote applications software reduces the time and resources cost for the maintenance of the analyst and simplifies the operation with it. The data collected from the device is transferred through three analog 4 .. 20 mA outputs or digitally via RS-232/485 Modbus RTU interface. Possible options for connectivity are also Ethernet and Foundation Fieldbus. For more information please visit: