Engineering Design (basic and detailed) of SCADA control systems in Dalkia Varna.

Dalkia Varna is relying on Bright Engineering for the project design and the development of a control system for the District Heating Company in Varna. The automated system for management of the technical processes is based on PLC modules and collects the signals from all the boilers, local control stations and the control of the gas and steam losses. Key element in this project is the implementation of the boiler combustion systems. First of all in the automation of the control processes in the boilers should be addressed the control of the combustion processes. Generally classified as Burner control – BMS /burner management system/ and Combustion control – CCS /combustion control system/, they are related to the start, stop and other processes in the boiler and carry out all the personnel and equipment safety requirements. The implementation of such a control system along with the rest of the local control stations like the natural gas losses control, the turbines, the combined generators, the network pumps, as well as the overall process monitoring has contributed to the implementation of a complete factory automated system for management of the technical processes. This system automates the processes, provides protection and interlock, ensures proper and safe operation of the equipment and lastly, as a result, optimizes the utmost efficiency of the whole plant, resulting in a more rational use of energy, better control and analysis of the collected data. The commissioning of the system is expected in mid-2013.