Reconstruction of Boiler units 11 and 12 TPP Maritsa East EAD

Bright Engineering Ltd is a partner in the consortium Bright Rudin (along with Rudin Ltd, Energy Max Ltd and Turbomachine Bulgaria Ltd). The union has a contract with TPP Maritsa East EAD for “Reconstruction of boiler units ст.№11 and ст.№12 in “TPP Maritsa East 2” EAD through primary measures with the purpose of reducing the level of NOx emissions under 200mg/Nm3 (normalized at 6% O2)”.

The implementation of the contract is divided into two stages: boiler 12 and boiler 11.

The reconstruction of boiler unit 12 finished successfully. The scope of activities done by Bright Engineering Ltd includes: design of section CMI and Electrical, delivery of 28 units of electric actuators Bernard Controls to control the valves for air, delivery of 10 transmitters for static pressure and consumption of air, 10 units of thermal-mass flow meters for air, installation, cabling, kinematic connection valves – electrical actuations, configuration and commissioning of the installed equipment.