System 1 Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic software

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It's not an updated version. It's an evolution.

  Built upon the superior intelligence and diagnostics of the original Bently Nevada condition monitoring software, the newly re-engineered System 1 boasts many revolutionary features, including a new, super-intuitive interface, amazing vibration monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, more reliable functionality and a modular architecture that allows you to customize your experience to meet your specific needs.

User Experience

  Modern consumer software applications have pushed the envelope when it comes to user experience; we believe the same expectations apply for industrial CM applications

  •   Modern and Intuitive Interface
  •   Continuous User Involvement
  •   User Driven CM and Diagnostic Workflows


  System 1 provides scale when it comes to database management, diagnostics, and work prioritization.

  •   High resolution trend, alarm, & startup/shutdown data
  •   Short-term "black box" flight recorder for trend data
  •   Anti-Friction & Hydrodynamic Bearing Diagnostics
  •   Diagnostic Reporting


  Successful condition monitoring programs require collaboration between departments and controlled access to the tools:

  •   Distributed Client/Server Deployment Model
  •   Remote Portable Data Transfer
  •   User Security Profiles

Embedded Expertise

  Bently Nevada differentiates itself by providing equipment focused solutions and best practice configuration & diagnostics:

  •   Equipment State Based Data Collection & Alarming
  •   Equipment Models drive best practice configuration
  •   Embedded TA, ISO 10816-3, 10816-7, & 14694 Wizards


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