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  • Category: Optimization and Diagnostic Software
  • product #: 100066

Kn³ ™ MVC advanced process control (APC) software responds quickly to varying conditions, and accurately controls process plants. It helps manage unscheduled plant maintenance and emergency replacement, environmental compliance, changes in weather and seasonal variations, differences in operating practices between shifts, feed quality and composition variability to name a few.


MVC is a hybrid of process dynamics, thermodynamics, physical-chemical models and operating economics that handles complex processes exhibiting wide variability and unsteady-state operations.

  • Multivariable model predictive control

  • Predictive constraint control

  • Nonlinear models

  • Inferential models

  • Nonlinear level control

  • Handles multiple operating modes

  • Robust system

  • Bumpless transfer

  • MS Windows based online software and tools

  • Maximized plant profitability

  • Reduced process variability

  • Better product quality

  • Environmental compliance

  • Reduction in raw materials and energy consumption

  • Consistent operations

  • Payback typically in less than six months