Installation of a system for own continuous measuring of the dust of NH4N03 contains in the waste gases

Supply of equipment for installation of a system for its own constant measuring of the dust of NH4N03 contains in the waste gases emitted into the atmosphere from 6 pcs. chimneys of Installation (workshop) for production of ammonium nitrate (AS-72)  in ''NEOHIM AD", includes the following services:

engineering, including studies (analysing the process characteristics of the object) and preparation of detailed design (description, principle and installation diagrams, specifications, location of the equipment, cable lists and etc.); installation supervision; commissioning works (during standby and operating system) and training of the operational staff of NEOCHIM AD.

 At the beginning of 2014 it was executed another contract for construction repairing and installation works for project: "Neohim AD "  - "System for own continuous measuring of dust of NH4N03 contains in the waste gases” emitted into the atmosphere - installation and wiring of analysers and instrumentation.

 Taking into account of the contaminant (dust of ammonium nitrate), the experts from "Bright Engineering" Ltd. successfully completed the whole project to it’s the end.

All types of work on this project with totally environmental focus were implemented with highly professional manner, responsibility and within the agreed terms.

Based on the excellent results from the company's performance, ethical and honest relationship and demonstrated high level of professionalism "NEOCHIM" JSC recommends  "Bright Engineering" Ltd as a reliable, high qualified and loyal business partner.