Construction of SCADA for control and signalization of Switchgear 20/6/0.4 kV

Bright Engineering Ltd. perform a detailed design for building of SCADA control and signaling RU 20/6 / 0.4 kV in Veolia Energy - Varna.

Two cabinets are manufactured (RTU 1 and RTU2) with controllers of Schneider Electric MiCOM C264, where all signals of the condition and control of breakers and disconnectors of the corresponding systems of 20/6 / 0.4kV and communication with the relay protections.

DC dashboard is made, which supplies corresponding sections of the Switchgear 20/6/0.4 kV and other consumers of DC.

The visualization of the status of the Switchgear 20/6 / 0.4 kV and the control is realized by Power Scada through operator station.