Electric Heat Tracing

In October 2019, Bright Engineering Ltd. successfully completed the second of three total stages in the design, delivery, assembly of electrical panels and the installation supervision of a new electric heating system on pipelines, connecting storage tanks for fuel oil, pumping stations and railway and automotive compartments and maintenance of the product in an appropriate viscosity for transportation. 

Due to the peculiarities of the process fuel oil, a highly reliable electrical heating system is required to ensure the smooth transfer of the product to the train and automotive compartments, while maintaining a constant temperature of 70°C throughout the pipe system during operation, while the temperature of the process pipes is being monitored at multiple points.

 The Engineering solutions in the project are fulfilled by supplying high quality electrical heating equipment by one of the world leaders in the process heating Thermon and the electrical panels are equipped with equipment by Schneider Electric.

 The deliveries of specialized equipment for the system include explosion-proof heating cables and accessories, explosion-proof heaters for flange installation in tanks, explosion-proof junction boxes, thermostats and electrical power and control cabinets, power and operating cables, cable trays and conduits.

After the installation, the individual branches of the system successfully passed tests carried out by engineers from Bright Engineering Ltd., and the results are listed in a test report, to ensure the good functioning of the system.

Sources of the photos: Thermon Heat Tracing and archive of Bright Engineering Ltd.