Oiltanking Bulgaria AD - 2019 activities

On the territory of Oiltanking in 2019 Bright Engineering successfully delivered and commissioned into operation the following systems:

  • Automatic overfill protection system – AOPS, covering at the moment 2 reservoirsTank management system.
  • Two reservoirs have been added to it but the full reservoir park is planned to be covered in the future.
  • Exchange of existing PLC with new so that the oncoming needs of Oiltanking can be met.
  • Integrating the fiscal system of Oiltanking with the existing SCADA system.


While executing the tasks the following activities were performed:

- Designing the systems;

- Choosing equipment that comply with the requirements;

- Choosing a controller with compliance to the specific requirements;

- Delivery of the separate components;

- Assembly of the control panels;

- Installation and cabling of the systems;

- Programming the individual systems;

- Carrying out individual and complex tests.


While executing the tasks equipment by renowned manufacturers in the area of automation was used. For the construction of the overfill protection systems and systems for reservoir control specialized level meters are used by the company E&H. The protections and control of the technological processes was assigned to controller SIMATIC S7-1200F, manufactured by Siemens, theirs is also the used for this purpose SCADA.

For complying with the ever more serious explosion proof requirements we entrusted the equipment manufactured by R. Stahl.