Reconstruction of boiler units № 11 and № 12

This project is realized from consortium “Bright Rudin”, which is a partnership between Bright Engineering Ltd, Rudin Ltd, Energy Max Ltd and Turbomachine Bulgaria Ltd. The company Bright Engineering Ltd is involved with the realization of this project in part Control and Measuring Instruments.


To control the regulating valves on the air tract for the first time in Bulgaria electro mechanic drives by the company BERNARD CONTROLS were used. They replaced the old Russian electro mechanic drives. Contactless solid state drivers were used to control them which completely replaced the old relay-contact equipment. By combining modern high tech electro drives and modern contactless control system, a very high accuracy on the regulating bodies positioning was achieved, as well as a very high degree of protection of the equipment.


To measure the quantities of air needed for the burning process and its distribution to systems and burners thermal-mass flow meters by Fox Thermal were used. When using the thermal-mass principle of measurement a very high accuracy in the full spectrum of change of the air flows without additional changes of temperature and pressure was achieved, and by using high tech products by fox Thermal a very high accuracy and reliability was achieved.


With the described above new additions of measuring equipment and bodies of control, as well as combining them with a modern control system, a much more accurate control of the technological process was achieved at a very high degree of reliability.