Bently Nevada Machine Monitoring Servises

Our solutions let you capture baseline machinery conditions, pre- and post-maintenance, giving you a reference for optimal decision making.

One of the most crucial times in the life of a machine is immediately after maintenance has been performed. We can tell you if “all is well” with systems that capture relevant data both before and after maintenance. You can instantly see if problems are present and make decisions accordingly. For many customers, the ability to knowledgeably continue with or abort the startup of a large turbine-generator train can more than pay for their entire system in a single event.

Our services include but not limited to:


Design and Installation Services

We can provide comprehensive project management services to install and configure our solutions, document the installation, contract and manage site craft labor, and more. You determine the scope, from simple installation consulting to full turnkey services to everything in between.

Equipment selection and procurement;

System cabinets production, testing and installation;

Our system cabinets and enclosures provide a site-ready installation solution for electronic instrumentation. They are designed to sound engineering practices and to comply with exacting project specifications. This ensures that our system matches other cabinets and enclosures supplied for the project.


Field installation of probes, proximitors, cable trays, cables and etc., including all needed mechanical works as machinery modifications, bracket manufacturing and installation;




Software installation and configuration;



System tests prior to start-up – FAT, SAT;



Network installation and testing Commissioning and optimization

Bright engeenering experts have a long-term experience in the filld of machinery diagnostics. We perform diagnostics of rotating (and other) machinery malfunction analyzing vibrational and operational behavior of the machines, correlating process and mechanical (vibrational) state and performance.




Reliability Services

We provide our customers with the tools, processes, and methodologies to identify and implement the proper condition monitoring technologies, strategies, and predictive services for all maintainable assets required to meet their specific maintenance and operational goals.


Customer training

Continuous support

Supporting Services Agreements

A Supporting Services Agreement (SSA) is a custom-tailored combination of individual remote and site-based service offerings that addresses the unique needs of your site and your installation. We work with you as a partner to keep your instrumentation performing optimally at all times and to provide hands-on assistance that helps you realize the full potential of your condition monitoring system.

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