Design, installation and commissioning of vibromonitoring systems

Installation, start-up and setup of systems for monitoring the vibrational state of rotary machines, systems for measuring the speed of rotation and protection against overspeed, installation and adjustment of systems for monitoring and diagnostics of rotary machines.


Our solutions allow you to capture the state of machines before and after maintenance, as a reference state for optimal decision making.


One of the most important moments in the life of a machine is immediately after maintenance. We can answer you if "all is well" through systems that collect the necessary data before and after maintenance. You can immediately see if there are problems and take appropriate decisions. For many customers, a single event such as being able to intelligently continue or terminate the start of a large turbo-generator set can cost even more than the cost of the entire system.


Our services include but are not limited to:


Services for design and construction of vibration monitoring systems.

We can provide comprehensive services for project management, installation and configuration of our solutions, installation documentation, contract and on-site management, and more. You define the scope, from pure installation consultancy services to full turnkey activities and services.




Selection of equipment and deliveries.


Development, production, testing and installation of system panels.

Our system panels and cabinets are ready to install on site. They are designed according to the best engineering practices and standards to fully comply with the design specifications. This ensures that our system matches the other cabinets and panels supplied for the project.


Field installation of sensors, transducers, wiring, etc., including all necessary mechanical work of machine modification, manufacture and installation of sensor holders.




Installing and configuring the software.

Pre-launch system tests - FAT, SAT.

Network installation and testing, commissioning and optimization.



Bright Engineering experts have many years of experience in the field of machine diagnostics. We carry out fault diagnosis of rotary (and other) machines by analyzing the vibrational and operational behavior of the machines, and correlation between the mechanical (vibrational) condition and performance.




Checking the performance and testing the characteristics (Verification) of sensors and measurement loops for vibrations, modules and systems for monitoring the condition of rotating equipment.

We offer services for periodic verification of the metrological characteristics of already implemented and operating systems for monitoring vibrations, mechanical displacements, thermal expansions, rotational speed, etc.

We have quality and precision test equipment to verify non-contact displacement and relative vibration sensors, as well as any type, make and model of vibration acceleration and vibration velocity sensors.

To verify the measurement channels of the vibration monitor modules, we are equipped with precise calibrators to simulate any vibration signals.