Bright Engineering can provide through its own resources and in collaboration with specialized institutions an entire range of design services in order to meet the project's request. The design activities can be grouped as follows: 


Constructive Design 

Design in collaboration with General Turbo Bucharest

Research and Design Institute for Thermal Power Equipment - for new turnkey installed groups as well as old ones subject to rehabilitation works in order to increase the equipment nominal power.


Technological Design within of Bright Engineering own design department. Bright Engineering owns skilled and permanent trained personnel in order to execute technological design works based on constructive documentation provided by the customer for the following type of products:


Complete turbo generators

Steam turbine, gas and hydro components

Electro motors

Compressors and blowers

Tools devices and gauges, packaging

Rotors balancing

Special processes


Within Bright Engineering there is a continuous concern in terms of providing the necessary informational resources dedicated for CAD/CAM range. 

Reverse Engineering - Bright Engineering has the necessary know-how and competences in order to achieve power generation equipment rehabilitation works carried out under various other licenses through existing facilities - 3D measuring facilities Dea Lambda and incorporated software.