Design, supply, distribution, and building of photovoltaic power plants

Construction of all types of solar installations, systems for own consumption, or systems for direct sale of electricity. We offer individual solutions for each of our clients.


We offer complete design of photovoltaic power plants, which consists of:






Pre-investment survey which includes:

  • Selection of suitable solar panels, solar inverter and construction for PV.
  • Optimal placement of the solar panels according to the specific location and needs of the customer.
  • Preparation of a conceptual design necessary to obtain an official position on the conditions for connection of a photovoltaic power plant to the electricity distribution network.
  • Preparation of a project part Electric.
  • Preparation of a project part Constructive.
  • Preparation of a project part Architecture.
  • Preparation of a project part Geodesy.
  • Preparation of a draft part of the Health and Safety Plan.
  • Preparation of protocols necessary for legalization.